Confidentiality Agreement

Submit this form (aka non-disclosure agreement) online to obtain further information on up to 3 listings.
  • (Please note that PO Box addresses are not acceptable)
  • The Recipient requests that Accommodation Properties P/L provide proprietary information relating to the following properties and their associated businesses.

  • (Please add the address of the property not its online listing ID)
  • In consideration for Accommodation Properties P/L providing this information, the Recipient undertakes:

    1. To treat this information as private and confidential at all times, regardless of the form of disclosure
    2. To use this information for the sole purpose of conducting a purchase evaluation
    3. To limit the disclosure of this information to professional advisors, partners or employees of the Recipient for the sole purpose of obtaining assistance with the purchase evaluation
    4. To immediately return to Accommodation Properties P/L all such information when requested
    5. To make all additional requests for information and conduct all purchase negotiations through Accommodation Properties P/L
    6. To not directly visit the property or contact the vendors, their staff and any other person associated with the property without the prior express consent of Accommodation Properties P/L
  • Also, the Recipient irrevocably acknowledges:

    1. That the Recipient understands that this information is provided by Accommodation Properties P/L in good faith and recognises that Accommodation Properties P/L is acting as mere messenger of the information as provided by the vendors and, as such, is not responsible for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations that the recipient may find
    2. That the Recipient will seek independent advice and make full and proper enquiries before acting on any information provided
    3. That the Recipient understands that any indication of past performance in the information furnished does not infer any warranty or representation of future performance
    4. That the Recipient acknowledges and agrees that Accommodation Properties P/L will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred by the Recipient